mbt (m)-80 pre-dispersed rubber accelerator granular predispersed masterbatch for rubber product processing

  • cn105670129a pre-dispersed masterbatch of scorch

    CN105670129A Pre-dispersed masterbatch of scorch

    The invention discloses a pre-dispersed masterbatch of a scorch-resistant comprehensive accelerator for rubber. The masterbatch comprises the following components in parts by weight: 8-15 parts of a rubber matrix, 50-60 parts of a thiazole accelerator, 10-20 parts of an anti-scorching agent, 9-12 parts of a softener, and 1-3 parts of a processing auxiliary agent.

  • cn104927274a pre-dispersed masterbatch particle carrier

    CN104927274A Pre-dispersed masterbatch particle carrier

    The invention discloses a pre-dispersed masterbatch particle carrier. The pre-dispersed masterbatch particle carrier comprises the following raw materials in parts by mass: 5-90 parts of rubber, 1-10 parts of stearic acid, 1-10 parts of pentaerythritol aliphatic ester, 2-10 parts of an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA and/or EVM and 0.1-10 parts of a polar plasticizer.

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